• what paint correction services do we offeR?

    Take a quick look at our paint polishing services! We only offer in-person quotes for these services.

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    Paint Polishing: Correction

    We offer both One-Step and Two-Step Paint Correction services!


    One-Step: One Step Correction prioritizes the removal of light clear coat/paint defects such as swirl marks (70-80%) and surface level oxidation.

    This process will bring faded and oxidized paint back to life, give your paint more depth/clarity.


    This does NOT emphasize the removal of deeper scratches and swirls.


    Two Step: 2 Stage Correction that includes a aggressive compounding stage followed up with a finishing polish stage.

    This will address most if not ALL swirl marks and begin to correct deeper clear coat defects.

    It is important to note limitations based on how much clear coat your vehicle has.


    The goal is ultimately to remove as many defects as possible whilst removing the least amount of clean coat we can.


    In some cases, the paint finish will be immaculate.


    In others, it will be more difficult to remove ALL paint/clear coat defects.