• maintenance details

    Allow us to uphold the value of your investment!

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    We take care of our people!

    Uphold the value of your investment by avoiding swirl marks and scratching caused by automatic car washes!


    Allow us to care for your vehicle with thoughtful and thorough maintenance.


    You are in good hands with us! Our goal is to uphold the value of your investment using the services below!



    Constant protection of your vehicle's paint, glass, trim, leather, & plastics.


    Wax rejuvination every detail.


    Complimentary seat & carpet shampooing services as needed.


    Complimentary water spot/micro-scratch removal as they occur due to the element.


    Pre-appointment alerts & schedule flexibility.



    BI-WEEKLY (every 2 weeks), MONTHLY (every 4 weeks), QUARTERLY (every 12 weeks).


    And now introducing.. ON-DEMAND MAINTENANCE


    ON-DEMAND: Receive exclusive access to our calendar and book appointments at your own convenience! Prices are reduced by $30-$50 from our normal prices using this form of maintenance.


    The calendar & reduced prices in the On-Demand Maintenance is valid for 90 days after your previous detail. After 90 days without a detail pass, your price will return to our normal pricing.