Who I Am, What My Goals Are

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    I Am.. Dontae Jones | Owner

    Hi! I'm Dontae, and I am a professional Mobile Detailer. I launched my LLC in July of 2021 with the goal of establishing a successful business that serves clients in Sebastian, Vero Beach, Melbourne, and other surrounding areas.


    Here are some random facts about me...


    I am the oldest of 7 with a loving family supporting me in both my personal and business life.


    I am someone that greatly values kindness.. if you are kind to me, I will go above and beyond for YOU! Reciprocating energy is everything to me! I take care of my people.


    I'm a gym rat! When I'm not scrubbing tires, I'm pumping iron!


    Lastly, I am a perfectionist! I treat my client's vehicles as if they are my own. The details ALWAYS matter to me.

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    My Goals..

    As a business owner, my number one goal is to exceed expectations.


    What steps do I take to exceed expectations?


    I accomplish this by leaving a strong lasting impression on as many of your senses as I can.


    SIGHT: The presentation, results, and finish of your vehicle.


    SMELL: The crisp, freshly detailed scent that EVERYBODY loves.


    HEARING: The educational information I provide you regarding your investment & future steps to continue maximizing its value.


    TASTE: I leave mints for ALL of my clients!


    My next important goal.. be easily accessible, understandable, and organized.


    If YOU don't know what value you're getting from me, how can you determine if I am right for you?


    ACCESSIBLE: My clients have access to my personal number, email, website, and various other forms of communication so I am readily available to address my clients.


    UNDERSTANDABLE: I won't run you through "detailer terminology" to overwhelm you with options. I prefer being straightforward in discussing things you NEED, may be interested in, or DON'T need at all.


    ORGANIZED: I put a lot of effort into providing a seamless customer experience.


    The less guesswork you have on your end, the easier my job ultimately ends up being. I am on top of EVERYTHING.


    I prepare invoices for EVERY detail. I text confirm EVERY client. To take this a step further I even send my client's automated confirmations to ensure ALL bases are covered and we are constantly on the same page.

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